Used Car Cash – Part 3

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The last of our series on tips to avoid purchasing lemons in SoCal!

Here we go:

  1. Check for flood damage

The American Automobile Association reports that thousands of flood damaged cars are moved out of state and resold with clean titles. Look for dried mud in the crevices under the hood, wheels and under the car to get the highest cash for your truck, car or station wagon.


  1. Examine the interior

Look at the floor of the car and under the mats for rust – this is a common issue in humid areas like san diego or los angeles. Check the door jambs and the base of the hood to see if the paint colours match. If the colours don’t match, this could be a sign that the car was repainted and was in an accident.


  1. Test drive

A test drive is an essential part of the buying process. Start the car yourself. Drive it on the road as well as the freeway if possible. Check for leaks under the hood and under the car after the test.


Make your purchase a success by following these tips!

You can use these to get the highest value possible for your vehicle with dealing with cash for cars San Diego companies.

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Used Car for Cash

Ok so Jassi here, lets continue where we left off regarding our advice for used car buying in south california , so you don’t end up buying sour lemons:

2. Bring a professional

If it is not possible to bring the car to a mechanic, why not bring a mechanic to the car? This option may not always be convenient and can cost extra cash for cars in los angeles but it is well worth the investment.

3. Check under the hood
This one thing that everyone does and should do- A visual inspection can reveal valuable information about the condition of the car and how well the owner maintained it. Check the hoses and belts for cracks, tears and leaks. They should not feel dry or brittle. The engine should look “pleasantly dirty”.

Beware of signs that there are leakages that are being wiped away. Check underneath the car for leaks before you get cash for your vehicle. These actions should be repeated after the test drive.

4. Look at the wheel alignment
Stand behind the car and see if the body is straight. The rear wheels should be squared behind the front wheels. If the body appears crooked, this could be a sign that the car has been in an accident.

I’m not done with my list yet! To be continued shortly..

for more tips, you can also visit wiki page on exchanging cars for money

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Buying a Used Car

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Avoid getting a lemon with these 7 Simple Tips

Buying a used car can be a challenge. Many people are not well-informed and end up making costly mistakes. Don’t let this happen to you! These simple tips can make your pre-owned car purchase a worthwhile venture.
1. Check out the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Internet sites such as CarFax can use the VIN to locate the vehicle’s history including accidents, mileage and other important data such as whether or not this vehicle has been stolen.

I’ll continue with these tips shorty.. feel free to reach out for specific used car selling questions – at anytime .. i read every msg :)

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