Dundee United Youth Development Board

The Dundee United Youth Development Board (DUYDB) was established in late 2016 to work directly with the Club's Youth Academy to coordinate financial donations into the Academy in order to support and enhance its work.

DUYDB is independent of the Club (with separate banking arrangements) but it has a clear and agreed framework for joint working with DUFC. The Board comprises of representatives from ArabTRUST, Dundee United Business Club, Dundee United Development Association (DUDA) and ULT 83 – all supporters’ groups which have a track record of fund-raising to support Youth Development at DUFC. Through the Board these groups contribute their donations to a single fund and, in conjunction with Academy staff, are able to co-ordinate decision-making to make the most effective use of those funds in supporting the Academy.

The main aim of the Board is to augment and enhance the Club’s Academy provision to ensure the Club is in the best possible position to attract and develop the most promising young football players for the future and in so doing help to ‘close the gap’ between DUFC’s provision and that of the larger and wealthier clubs in Scotland. To achieve that the Board meets regularly with the Academy Director to discuss and make decisions on granting funding for identified Academy activities and resources. Examples of that support can be seen here.


Dundee United has a long and illustrious record of developing top professional footballers who have not only contributed significantly to the Club’s success but in some cases have gone on to perform at the highest level, both domestically and internationally. The Board is united in wanting to see this continue and in helping it to happen. The Board's main focus at an earlier stage was to support the Club's participation in the SFA's “Project Brave” programme and to achieve and sustain Elite Status in the Club Academy Scotland Framework. Under the Club’s current ownership that position is now secure and the Board’s more recent focus has principally been to fund an extensive Additional Games Programme. This is intended to allow Academy teams at all stages to participate in high-level tournaments across the UK and in Europe. This provides the challenge which is crucial to improvement, to perform and compete at higher levels against the foremost teams, as well as giving Academy players excellent personal development experiences.

Fund-raising is critical to the Board’s ability to achieve its objectives for the Academy. The groups which make up the Board raise funds in a variety of ways (see below*) but the Board is always keen to secure other sources of income to enhance what it can achieve. For example, the Board is very open to the prospect of approaches from other United supporters’ groups which might be interested in joining in the work of the Board and contributing to its mutual funds. The Board also provides the opportunity for individual United fans to support youth development directly by creating a facility for them to make regular or one-off donations to the Board’s funds. Please see our links below.

* DUDA raises funds through the United Futures Lottery and the Elite 50/50 Draw at United games; ArabTRUST, DUBC and ULT83 raise funds in a variety of ways, through membership fees, Open Days, Football Dinners, Quiz nights, raffles, golf events, merchandising etc. 

Help us do more for Youth Development at Dundee United by subscribing to the Dundee United Youth Board and encouraging your friends and family to follow you in making a regular monthly payment to support this great cause. 

Supporting tomorrow's prospects through the Dundee United Youth Development Board could not be simpler!

Please select one of the options below:-

1. You can donate using ‘Go Cardless’ to set up a monthly payment, as follows:

To donate £10 per month click here

To donate £15 per month click here

To donate £20 per month click here

To donate £25 per month click here

2. You can donate by setting up a standing order either through online banking or at your bank branch or by downloading the form here.

You will need the following Youth Board bank details: Dundee United Youth Development Board Bank of Scotland Account Number: 16142861 Sort Code: 80-22-60.

Your donation can be for any amount you choose but we would respectfully suggest £10, £15, £20 or £25 per month.

 If you choose to set up your standing order through online banking or at your branch please advise us of that by emailing to Sec.DUYDB@gmail.com.

3. You can make a “one-off” donation by cheque or by online banking using the details above.

Should you require further information or assistance with any of the above, please contact us at: DUYDB, c/o The Ticket Centre, Tannadice Street, Dundee, DD3 7JW, and we will get back to you. Alternatively, contact us at Sec.DUYDB@gmail.com.